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The vision of the Apollos Trust is to assist local churches in Mauritius through providing doctrinally sound resources along with practical theological and pastoral training.

Through key partnerships with Christian publishers in both Canada and the United States, the Apollos Trust is able to offer an extensive amount of Christian resources and printed materials to pastors and churches in both French and English at affordable prices.

While historically theological training has been unobtainable for many Mauritians, the Apollos Trust additionally provides on-the-ground theological training that is both flexible and affordable for those currently in ministry or aspiring to go into ministry. With work, family life, and ministry, traveling overseas for extended periods of time is often not realistic for many of our partners. The aim of our training is to be practical and accessible, taking into consideration the real-life demands of our students.

Conferences and workshops led by seasoned Christian leaders from around the world will also be offered on a regular basis, which will be open to both church leaders and church members, wanting to grow and strengthen their faith. These interactive sessions are aimed at equipping participants with practical tools and insights for ministry, while also offering a platform for shared learning and mutual encouragement.

A Vision Rooted in Service

Apollos, as detailed in the book of Acts, was an eloquent speaker, well versed in the Scriptures. Hailing from Alexandria, Egypt, he was a dedicated and fervent advocate of the Way of the Lord, passionately articulating and defending the Christian faith. However, it was through the mentorship of Priscilla and Aquila that he gained a more complete understanding of the Gospel (Acts 18:26). He would go on to be a co-laborer of Paul and instrumental leader in the early church. Apollos’ story embodies ongoing education, discipleship, and the model of humble servant leadership – principles that lie at the heart of our training center. The Apollos Trust aims to embody and emulate his unwavering commitment to spreading the Gospel and strengthening the church. Our purpose is to offer an encouraging and enriching environment for pastors and Christian workers from across the island to come and rejuvenate their spirits, engage in fruitful learning, and gain valuable resources – all in service to the King.


Nestled in the tranquil beauty of the Moka mountain range of Mauritius, our center offers pastors and Christian workers a scenic environment for learning. Our goal is to offer a sanctuary where students can not only learn but also recharge while surrounded by the serene beauty of nature. Here, you will find solace and refreshment, whether you’re taking a solitary stroll through the mountains, engaging in prayer within the calm corners of the house, or sharing stories with fellow Christian workers by the evening fire.

We invite you to join us at the Apollos Trust!